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Back to school is just around the corner for some school districts and to help support the year's start we have created a number of back to school puzzles resources that include a number of lesson plan ideas. You can find back to school crossword puzzles here: BTS Crossword. There are a number of other puzzle types found at that link that will support programming as kids get back into learning.

Here is the summer activities link to help extend that summer time feeling: Summer Time Fun. Remember to challenge the intermediate and senior students' brains with periodic table scrambled letters puzzle. These puzzles can be found here: periodic table scrambled letters puzzle. To provide the extra challenge add the cryptolist puzzles to the mix. These challenging puzzles require letter subsitutions. Find them here: periodic table crytolist puzzles.

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Back to School!

Are you an Educator looking for resources and lesson plan activities for back to school? Check out the link for bts crossword found here: bts crossword.

Remember that our Summer Activities Puzzle Collection is still found here: Summer Time Fun.

Check back often for updates.

New Arrival  Portillon puzzle