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It's almost here...Father's Day! While Father's Day is just around the corner, some kids have already enjoyed a number of weeks of being out of school. Are they bored yet? Challenge them with our Father's Day puzzles found here: Father's Day Puzzles . And, speaking of summertime our summer activities puzzle collection is sure to engage kids while having fun solving puzzles. The collection can be found here: Summer Time Fun. Our puzzle website is regularly expanding its puzzle collection for learning!

Here is the link to one of our favorite collections of Sudoku-like puzzles, the Alphadoku Puzzles Collection. If you have not had a chance to solve one of these puzzles, then you are in for a real treat. Each puzzle is created with one unique 9-letter word. Solve and discover the mystery word!

Kids love creating their own word search puzzles. We have a huge variety of blank grids to choose from. Blank Word Search Grids foster creativity and challenge kids to create their own word search puzzles to exchange with friends, while helping to create a cooperative and collaborative classroom. Our sponsors help us to keep the puzzles free. Our site map can be found HERE

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Summer Time Fun!

Are you looking for interactive puzzles to keep kids engaged over the summer? Check out our Summer Activities Puzzle Collection at this link: Summer Time Fun .

We are always creating new puzzles. Remember to check back often for updates.

New Arrival  Portillon puzzle